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No Contract Plan from Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a monthly cell phone plan with competitive rates and does not require an expensive contract.
You start out with 300 minutes (150 anytime+150 nights/ weekends) for $29.99.  If you use those minutes up you go to Level 2 which for $10 gives you another 450 minutes (100 anytime+350 nights/weekends). That's around 2 per minute.  If you use up all those minutes too, there is Level 3 which is also $10 and gives you an additional 600 minutes (100 anytime+500 nights/weekends). That's 1.7 per minute.

Assuming you used up all these minutes, you could get 1350 minutes per month for $50.  But then every month you will start again with the $29.99 plan.  This gives you the flexibility of not having a contract while still getting unbeatable per minute rates  You avoid high overages without locking yourself into an expensive plan.

Text messages are 10 to send and free to receive.  Text bundles can be purchased to reduce the per message fees.

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