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Cell Phone Plans from Verizon Wireless

Monthly Price Anytime
Weeknight/ Weekend Extra minutes
$39.99 450 Unlimited 45
$59.99 900 Unlimited 40
$79.99 1350 Unlimited 35
$99.99 2000 Unlimited 25
$149.99 4000 Unlimited 25
$199.99 6000 Unlimited 20c

Verizon Wireless offers one of the best networks in the country.  Your are more likely to get service in more areas with Verizon.  All calls with other Verizon Wireless customers are free as part of the IN network.  If you talk a lot to people on other networks you still have ample anytime minutes and unlimited night and weekend minutes.

Text messages are 10 to send and 10 to receive, but you can get discounts by buying text bundles.

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