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Cell Phone Plans from US Cellular

Monthly Price Anytime
Weeknight/ Weekend Extra minutes
$39.95 500 Unlimited/$5.95 40
$49.95 800 Unlimited/$5.95 40
$69.95 1200 Unlimited/$5.95 40
$99.95 2000 Unlimited/$5.95 30
$199.95 4000 Unlimited/$5.95 20

US Cellular is one of the the smaller cell phone companies in the US but provides excellent service to customers in select areas, namely the midwest and pacific northwest. US Cellular offers national calling plans which include anytime minutes, long distance, and roaming.  Local plans are also available. Unlimited night and weekend calling, beginning at 7 PM, is optional for $5.95 per month.

If your phone is used mostly within your local calling area, you should sign for Unlimited Local CALL ME Minutes. For $5.95/month incoming calls while in your local calling area do not count against your plan's minutes.

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