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National Plans from SunCom Wireless

Monthly Price Anytime
Weeknight/ Weekend Extra minutes
$40.00 600 Unlimited 45
$50.00 900 Unlimited 40
$80.00 1500 Unlimited 35
$150.00 Unlimited Unlimited N/A

SunCom Wireless offers cell phone services to customers in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. But with their national plans you get coverage all over the US. Their national plans include nationwide long distance, roaming, and unlimited night/weekend minutes. SunCom's plan prices include all taxes which can add another 20% to the cost of other carriers.

SunCom also offers regional calling plans which have lower monthly prices, but roaming costs 45/min.  Unlimited night and weekend calling is from 9 PM to 7 AM. Prices shown above are for 2 year contracts, but 1 year contracts are also available for $5 more per month, except the unlimited anytime plan requires a 2 year contract.

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