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Fair & Flexible Plans from Sprint

Monthly Price Included Minutes Nights & Weekends

Extra Minutes

$29.99 200 Unlimited 201 - 700, $5 for each 50 minutes,
Above 700: Additional Anytime Minutes only 10 each
$34.99 400 Unlimited 401 - 900, $5 for each 50 minutes,
Above 900: Additional Anytime Minutes only 10 each
$55.99 1000 Unlimited 1001 - 1500, $5 for each 50 min,
Above 1500: Additional Anytime Minutes only 10 each

Sprint provides a digital nationwide network with very competitive price plans.  Every other carrier charges huge overages of up to 40 per minute. Your bill can be surprisingly high if you're not careful.  Sprint eliminates that problem by charging very reasonable overage prices. This is especially useful if your cell phone usage varies a lot from month to month.

Text messages are 10 to send and free to receive, but you can get discounts by buying text bundles.  Unlimited messaging is $14.99 per month.

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