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Cell Phone Plans from Amp'd Mobile

Monthly Price Anytime
Weeknight/ Weekend Extra minutes
$29.99 250 Unlimited 45
$39.99 500 Unlimited 40
$59.99 1000 Unlimited 40
$99.99 2000 Unlimited 25
$199.99 Unlimited Unlimited 0

Amp'd Mobile is a brand new wireless carrier started by the original founder of Boost Mobile. It has become very popular in quite a short time.  Amp'd Mobile is a lot different from the usual cell phone carriers.  They know that cell phones are about more than just talking and texting. They use high speed wireless to bring customized content and entertainment to your phone. You can download music, ringtones,  and wallpapers. You can watch videos and sports clips, get sports scores and other news alerts, and even play games. With Amp'd Live you get content from MTV, NBC, Maxim and many other big media outlets. Whatever your lifestyle is, Amp'd Mobile offers something you'll be interested in. They have great coverage because they operate on Verizon's nationwide network.

Amp'd Mobile offers 5 different plans depending on how many minutes you need.  The prices are generally cheaper than the major carriers. If you talk an insane amount, you can get the unlimited plan for $200/month.  The major networks don't offer unlimited anytime yet. With every plan you get long distance included and unlimited mobile to mobile calls with other Amp'd Mobile customers. The main feature of these plans is that you get access to Amp'd Live and Mobile Web.  Their current offer is free data for your first 3 months. Nights are 9 PM to 6 AM

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