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Cell Phone Plans from Alltel

Monthly Price Anytime
Weeknight/ Weekend Extra minutes
$39.99 500 Unlimited 40
$49.99 1000 Unlimited 40
$79.99 1400 Unlimited 35
$99.99 2100 Unlimited 25
$149.99 4000 Unlimited 25
$199.99 6000 Unlimited 25

Alltel Wireless offers National Freedom plans which include anytime minutes, unlimited night & weekend minutes, and unlimited mobile to mobile calling when the call originates and terminates inside their coverage area. Nights are 9 PM to 6 AM. For $7/month extra, nights start at 7 PM. Thes plans include nationwide long distance and roaming in most areas.

Alltel has coverage in every state, but not all areas, especially around major cities. Coverage in your area should be confirmed before subscribing.

Text messages are 8 to send and 8 to receive.

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